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Thinking about getting married? Want to do something a little bit different when you exchange wedding vows? How about getting married on the beach? With the Atlantic Ocean and sand dunes as your backdrop, a beach wedding is both beautiful and original. But, just like a church wedding, pulling off a beach wedding requires planning.

First, you need to get your marriage license. This can be accomplished at the local courthouse. Now, this article isn’t about covering all the “legal” bases of getting married. They vary widely from state to state.

As nice as it may seem to have a beach wedding, remember, the area’s beaches are “public”. Other beach goers including, sunbathers, surfers, or boogie boarders may or may not be very receptive to your wedding ceremony. You cannot force someone to move from their spot on the beach nor can you block the walkways or walkovers. Be aware of distractions such as loud music, para-sailers, and beach vehicles that could possibly interfere with the ceremony. And, unfortunately, the inebriated sunbather who wants to become part of the ceremony. Then, there is always the weather; wind and rain.

Decide when and where you would like to hold your nuptials. Each city within Horry County has different rules and regulations regarding beach weddings. The below list is not meant to be a complete “beach wedding rules and regulations”, but does give a general idea regarding beach weddings rules. Horry County and local municipalities consider wedding ceremonies a “commercial activity” because preachers, wedding photographers, etc, are paid for their services during and/or after the wedding ceremony.

Horry County Weddings On The Beach

  • The unincorporated beach areas of Horry County DO NOT allow weddings. It’s been reported that weddings do take place on some unincorporated beaches though. It has also been reported that if the wedding ceremony is “very quick and very small”, it usually isn’t a problem.
  • Myrtle Beach Weddings On The Beach

    • The City of Myrtle Beach DOES NOT allow beach weddings if anyone involved with the marriage ceremony makes money, this includes the preacher, musicians, wedding photographers, etc. The city does enforce this policy.
    • North Myrtle Beach Weddings On The Beach

    • The City of North Myrtle Beach DOES allow beach weddings. In fact, the city “embraces” the idea and has developed a few rules for getting married on the beach.
    • Surfside Beach Weddings On The Beach

    • The City of Surfside Beach DOES allow beach weddings.

    There have been some issues with parking and picture-taking on the dunes. During the busy time of the season, it may be nearly impossible to find 2 or 3 parking spots close together or even close to where you would like to have your ceremony. Plan to carpool or advise those looking for parking spots to be flexible. Sand dunes are pretty, but they also serve a purpose. Trampling the dunes, to take pictures, weaken the dunes and hamper their effectiveness in storms. So please stay off the sand dunes.

    If you are planning a beach wedding, discuss your plans with a professional who knows the rules of each locality. Together Forever Weddings & Receptions in North Myrtle Beach is one of the local wedding chapels that specializes in beach weddings.

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